"Glad Robin Hood School got in touch, they asked who we used so I did recommend. You offer a great service. You really were fantastic to work with, and I will certainly be booking again in the future.

Our children, parents and staff were all amazed at the quality of the exhibition and it's lovely to know that, as a school, we also raised money for charity too.

Look forward to working with you again in the future."

Mandy Barrett, Specialist Art Teacher, Gomersal Primary

Our recent projects...

Year 6

One of the main things our schools tell us that they value about us and why they are so pleased they worked with us is that we brought them some really imaginative and exciting new ideas for them to use that really engaged their children with art and stimulated their interest in art and a belief that they could do really good art.

For us, one of the best aspects of these projects is seeing the children with their parents at the exhibition so proud of their achievement when they see their artwork framed and presented like a famous artist.

So our key aim is to help you help the children produce something really special that improves their self-esteem and confidence that they can produce great artwork and develops their interest in art. We will do everything we can through our projects to achieve this.


Recently, in addition to our mainstream projects, we have developed a special Street Art project which schools who have participated have said has been especially effective in engaging their children in art and is something very different to anything they have ever attempted before.

They also tell us they are hugely impressed at the quality of artwork they have produced as a school and how visually stunning the artwork looked on the exhibition day.

Schools tell us how positive the reaction has been from parents and the wider school community and how proud the parents have been of their children's achievement.

Year 5

Year 3

As part of the project we can show you how to incorporate your children from Nursery to Y6 into their own artwork to produce their own personalised 'Banksy' or other famous street artist.

Our DVD that we leave with you also has step by step instructions how to do this and also has detailed help on how your children can produce their own version of brilliant street art originally done by fantastic street artists such as Banksy, Mau Mau, Icy and Sot, Martin Whatson, Fake and also Angel 41 (locally based in Manchester). There are over a 100 pictures of these originals on the DVD to choose from or we'll help you create your own street versions of traditional artwork.

The DVD also has lots of pictures of street art installations from around the world showing the scale and variety of this art form so you can show your children some fantastic art from some of the best artists in the world and we document a brief history of street art for you.



We will also show you how to do lots of really interesting backgrounds for Street Art or other projects in future.

To make it really easy we will also provide you with over 60 street art wall templates that you can print out and use if you wish.

So you can choose to do a traditional art project, mix and match with some street art, or really go for it with a total street art project. If you prefer we will show you children's work in the style of modern artists such as Shapiro, Beatriz Milhazes, Kate Spencer and Maria Rova, so that you can mix and match with street art to hold a Contemporary exhibition.

Please enjoy a selection of pictures from recent projects at the bottom of this page, there are over a 1000 more examples of children's traditional, modern and street artwork on our DVD for you to take inspiration from.


Year 3

Our recent projects...