“Paul, thank you for coming in to school, everyone is really excited to start the project and you showed us some fantastic ideas! I can't wait to see the finished product.”

Natalie Kellett, Art Coordinator, Willow Lane Primary, Lancaster

The DVD was very useful and provided great inspiration!

We now have some beautiful pieces of art that both the children and staff are proud of.

Shona McNamara, Art Coordinator, Winstanley Primary, Wigan

How we look after you...

Year 4

We will do virtually everything except paint your pictures so that there should be no additional teaching effort for you.

We will;

Deliver your art paper and our Producing Great Artwork DVD with over 700 fantastic pictures children from Nursery to Y6 have produced in previous projects. The DVD also has lots of hints and tips to help you produce lovely artwork very simply and very quickly if you wish to use it.

Give our presentation to Staff called “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – with Apologies to Clint!” which has helped many schools with their artwork (if you wish us to do this).

Collect your finished artwork, produce a personalised label for each child showing the title of their picture, their name, age, class, school and date. We will then mount, label and frame each child’s work in our high quality frames

On the day of your exhibition we will assemble all the display stands and pictures in time for you to bring your children round to view their gallery.

On opening to parents, we will take money/orders for pictures and keep a record for you. We offer parents a free frame swap service to other styles/colours. We also offer framed copies of pictures (chargeable).

We will take everything down at the end and organise pictures into boxes for parents to collect sold pictures and for school to carry on selling unsold pictures for a couple of weeks.

Year 1

Year 3

After you have finished selling, you can take a free picture per class to keep for display in school and we will collect any left – so there’s no charge for unsold pictures!

We will then provide school with a full audit and ensure school has the money they earned from sales of pictures at the margin you set above the £4.50 we charge the parent.

We will then donate the appropriate money from our £4.50 per picture to Zoe’s Place and ensure they send you a letter of thanks and certificate.