"I think it's been just what we needed to do - something really different with art and develop new skills! We are really proud of the quality of artwork produced."

"Wow, Parents have raved about the exhibition - they can't get over the quality of the children's work and we're engaging with parents who have never responded before."

"I really do think the 'product' and service you supply is outstanding!"

"We have used another service in the past but the innovation and help you bring has raised the quality of our art to a different level"

Year 1

Year 2

Year 4

We are proud to be an Arts Council England ARTSMARK PARTNER

We may be a very small business but our schools tell us that we are very big on quality – not just the quality of service but the quality of artwork that we help many schools produce as part of our projects.

We try and live by the 7 Quality Principles set by Arts Council England, and also help you fulfil these principles through our projects. We’ll bring you lots of innovation and exciting new ideas that will engage and inspire your children to do great artwork. Our project finale, staging your own in house art exhibition for you, enables the artwork to be seen in its most authentic setting.

Whether you are already an Artsmark school, currently undertaking your Artsmark journey or not yet ready to take the first step we will do our very best to produce a project for you that helps you demonstrate you have met all of the principles during the project.

For those of you not familiar with the 7 Quality Principles, we have listed them below.

The 7 Quality Principles

  • Striving for excellence and innovation
  • Being authentic
  • Being exciting, inspiring and engaging
  • Ensuring a positive and inclusive experience
  • Actively involving children and young people
  • Enabling personal progression
  • Developing belonging and ownership

Year 3

Year 3

There are major benefits to your school from gaining Artsmark status. If you are curious about the benefits or what is involved in obtaining Artsmark status then, if you are a NW school, we would encourage you to talk about this with the really helpful people at Curious Minds (01772 827001 or info@curiousminds.org.uk)

You can see the great work Curious Minds does in the NW by linking to their website www.curiousminds.org.uk/

For our schools in West Yorkshire, the best people to talk to are:

IVE (0113 322 3050 or hello@weareive.org )

Again you can see the similar work IVE does by linking to their website www.weareive.org/bridge/

Year 4

Year 3