Free to Primary Schools Art Project & Exhibition Service

from MyMasterpiece

"I want the best for my children and this is the best! Just fantastic and so professional"

John Thorpe, Headteacher - SS Osmond and Andrews RCP School, Bolton

Each child's artwork will be framed in a high quality frame with a personalised label in it showing the title of their artwork, name, age, class, school and date. An example is shown opposite. Parents love this personalised approach so much that they often order additional framed copies (Also labelled) for family and friends.

Spring Buds on an Icy Day
A Masterpiece by Alexander Christopher Penketh
Age 11 Class 6
St David's CE Primary School
1st May 2009

Our service can help you...

- Improve your childrens' self esteem

- Provide your children with a fun project and good learning experience

- To produce great art work for this and other projects

- Provide a spectacular event for the whole school community

- Raise money for school and a baby hospice at no cost to you

- Brighten up school with some free framed pictures